May I know where is the problem of this block?


I want show notification outside the app in the phone notification place, but the data is shown as 1 but no notification to user phone. May I know is it my block have problem?

Try catching that 1 into a variable, then testing that variable value for the notification test.

(I don't deal with extensions, which can fail to keep up with Android requirements over time.)

Owhh thank you because I am finding a way to output notification to user in phone notification not user open the app only can see the notification. I want it auto sent notification to user phone without opening the app and get the data from thingspeak. By the way, is there any solution rather than what I have done?

You might need a background service too.

I don't support extensions, but I have heard the name Itoo used in this context.

The extension does not work starting from Android 8.


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But it seems like click the button then only trigger the notification. I want auto trigger is it using below image? But I confuse what is the startValue and id. What should i put inside.

startValue is the same as startText in Taifun's extension. You can set the ID to anything, as long as if it is an integer.

sorry i already change extention to NotifiationStyle... But nevermind thank for your information.

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