Matrix Multiplication in Blocks

This is a library of block procedures to accompany the introduction to matrix multiplication at 2.1: Introduction to Matrices - Mathematics LibreTexts

Here are draggable blocks for the matrix multiplication procedure and a few sample exercises to show how to represent row and column matrices in AI2 lists.

Example numbers match the link supplied above.

Extra procedures in the Project:
matrix.aia (7.6 KB)

test of sum

(Test results in comment bubbles are viewable in the Blocks Editor after importing the .aia)


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function to get inverse of a matrix needed.

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That's two chapters down in the online book, after plowing through the Gauss Jordan method.

Feel free to add to this thread.

matrix inverse:


As requested, here is a blocks based matrix inversion value procedure, along with two test cases from 2.5: Application of Matrices in Cryptography - Mathematics LibreTexts

matrix.aia (11.4 KB)

The algorithm is taken from and is taken literally from the C code.

This algorithm lacks error checking for cases where the given matrix can't have an inverse:

  • number of rows does not match number of columns
  • the matrix does not have an inverse (manifests by a divide by zero error)
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