Help me "password creation app"

Hello excuse me, I need that at the moment of writing a password only with letters it is passed to numbers as this page says "2.5: Application of Matrices in Cryptography - Mathematics LibreTexts" then it is multiplied by the matrix that the user writes and divided in 2x2 matrices. How can I do this?

Have you read the other chapters of that book and learned matrix multiplication yet?

You will also need

I really don't know where to start, my native language is not English. I know it may be rude of me, but couldn't you help me with that block programming? no problem if you reject it.

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

translate_tutorial_5.aia (458.3 KB)

Go into the Extensions section of your browser, to add a new extension to your web browser from whatever extension library your browser offers. Look for a free translation extension. That should allow you to read all those explanations of matrices and lists.

We can code and explain for you, but we can't read for you or understand for you.

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okay, thank you very much

Matrix multiplication is a tough nut to crack and has not been done yet on this board, so I posted reusable code at

See the free online book at

to see how to use value procedures.

For a matrix inversion procedure suitable for homework examples, see

Hey, something else. But if I wanted it in a more simplified form. Ex:

User types his password only with letters.

Then the user clicks on the top button "Encriptacion por matrices".
And the password appears

Then in the code blocks, the letters are transformed to numbers

The user types his array to encrypt his password:


Click on encrypt:

Encryption example:

And then go back to the (Create password) screen

Can you help me with this?

This might get you started ...

I appreciate your efforts to help me and I apologize if I was too demanding with my requests, I hope you have a nice day and see you next time.