MathTools Extension [Free] 100+ Tools to work with Maths.

Hi ! This is my first extension.

The MathTools extension I made has 100+ Tools to work with Maths.

I didn't count the number of blocks for V2.

It is an extension to work with Maths, containing many Math Tools. It provides things for Mensuration(Area, Volume, Surface Area, Lateral Surface Area, Perimeter, etc.), Interest and Maturity Values Calculations(Simple, Compound and Recurring), Investment Calculation,  Solving Quadriatic equations, Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations , Digit operations, Prime Ranges and tests, Convert Bases (Hexadecimal, Octal, Binary, and Base-64) Strings to numbers, Parsing Strings to numbers, Temperature Conversion, Number tables, 3D and 2D Co-ordinate Geometry, Factorisation, Fibonacci Series, SuperScript and SubScript number Strings, String for Infinity symbol,  Converting Numbers to Words  and many more.


V2 Additions :-

Don't underestimate the Component Returning Block. You might need it in some future extension of mine. :wink:

Small Documentation

The Infinity block returns text for the infinity symbol.

I don't think there is something to document about other blocks, everything should be clear from the names. But still if you have any doubts about a block, feel free to ask it here,  in this post.  Report bugs if you've found it.

V2 Changes
  1. New Blocks added.
  2. Changed the Infinity block to a getter block.
  3. Removed the Previous 20 Subscript and Superscript blocks that returned individual numbers and added two new blocks that converts any number to subscript or superscript.
  4. Enhanced the working of the NumberToWords block which had some spacing issues in V1. Also, the first letter of the returned String will be capital now.

Here is the .aix :


MathTools.aix (27.3 KB)


com.shubhamr69.MathTools.aix (39.3 KB)

Have a good time using this.


I don't believe you need either of the polls. People will tell you if it is good or not, and you should ask about your other proposed extension elsewhere.


What do all of these blocks

do? Would be better if you provide a documentation for this.


I edited the first post and gave the documentation there.

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Well, if you can't count your Blocks, can we trust your Math? :joy:


I didn't count it myself.

I used an online Word Appearances Counter tool to check the number of appearances of @SimpleFunction.

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Aha - forgiven :sunglasses:


What are you forgiving me for ? :thinking:

(I told to forgive me only when the blocks count is wrong.)

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For not knowing how many Blocks you made :upside_down_face:


The number would be increasing in the near future. :wink:

(Probably within a week.)

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Version 2 has been released. :partying_face:

See the original post for the .aix and Changelog.
Blocks images will be updated later.

I've removed these blocks for two better blocks, namely Subscript and Superscript blocks, which can convert any number to subscript or superscript now, including decimals and negatives.

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