Matching Game Shuffle Issue

Hi im creating a matching type game and i copied it from youtube . The game is a matching type game. My problem is everytime i restart the game ot click the reset button. the images shuffles . I want to unshuffle the cards. Anyone can help me?

Why would you need to unshuffle the cards after the reset call?

What is the point of the game if the cards don't start out shuffled?

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yes that is my problem because i copied it from youtube . but i want to disable the shuffling of cards . anyone can help me ?

i want to disable the shuffle sir because my nephew wants to play this game . she's 3 years old and i want to disable the shuffling of cards to be easy for her to play the game.

take out the aft half part of reset procedure (where you set up the variable cardpicPairs), and put them in Screen.Initialize event, or other procedure to initialize the game.

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can you give me an example sir ?

post your aia here.


through google drive sir
i cannot send the .aia because it is more than 8mb

Sorry i can not access Google Drive. try to reduce the size of aia.

Here is your .aia without the assets, which you stuffed.
SOUNDGAME2.aia (79.9 KB)

Run your files through shrinkers like, and
also shrink your mp3 files.

i want to disable shuffle sir . can you help me ?

wait sir ill reduce the size

SOUNDGAME2 (1).aia (229.3 KB)

What I changed:

  1. use Any Button.Click event
  2. seperate reset procedure to two: one is reset, another is shuffle.
  3. other small changes.

tthank you sir

hello sir it doesnt work sir . i copy all the block you have gien to me but it did'nt word . the pictures doesnt appear

Is my demo aia working?

yes sir. its not working.

can you teach me sir ?

this simple feed back do not help me to help you.