Marquee in app messages or Ads

Marquee- Scrolling Teletype like Message on Screen

This is a simple app to post Ads (grrr) or messages from your app.

  • uses only Blocks.
  • Message Band; uses a List of messages (presently hard coded)
  • Pauses between messages .. add spaces to end of message as required
  • Scrolling Text Speed .. set by Clock, Clock1.TimerInterval to 300 ms (lower values is faster scrolling) Determines how often a letter character is displayed.
  • Screen position .. use the Layouts to position the Label that is used to display teletype text
  • Length of Message - currently set to 100 characters in code. Length can be longer.
  • Free
  • is it useful? :cry:

Things to do:

  • make it look pretty
  • enable the Sound1 .Play block to further annoy your users.

marquee.aia (10.8 KB)


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I had the bad idea of ​​enabling the sound... what a scare!

cool thing! :slight_smile: