Marker on Map imported with spread sheet

Hi, i'm not really good with this language, just started!
I'm trying to import data from a spreadsheet to create markers on maps.
This is the spreadsheet

This is the code

This is the error.
I think i did not correctly load the spreadsheet data in the "Global Table" list, correct?
I'm lost, any help would be much appriciated.
Kind Regards.

Welcome Giorgio.

You are probably loading the header of your spreadsheet. You should not do that using for each item in list block, it creates your error. Either write code to ignore the first item in the table List or use a for each number control block and start the iteration with 2 instead of the default 1 (to ignore the header).

Also positions is your component; it is called ... of component = positions


Something like this ( I have created a csv table using blocks as opposed to fetching data from spreadsheet, but this is essentially the same thing)


As you will have found, you need to add a map marker to the map, in order to access the any component marker blocks, and make this not visible to only display the markers in your list.

Thank you for the quick response, and the usefull tips, but i'm still stuck!

what am I doing wrong?

Show the url you are using to get the google sheet data

Also, because you are setting responseContent to global table using the list conversion block, you do not need the list conversion blocks when setting the Title and Description

the link is:


Everythings work fine without this block

These Blocks are probably the issue Giorgio


You should not be asking for item; you probably should be asking for table.


get item will give you the name of the run time Marker ... yes, it looks strange.
If you use the select list itme list Block with get table instead of get item, you may be OK.


Try this:

Got to the same solution copying your code from above, thank you guys so much!!
Last question, is there a way to always show the infobox on all markers?

You can only display the info box bubble on one Marker at a time. ShowInfobox() shows the info box for the Marker if it is not visible, otherwise, this method has no effect. This method can be used to show the info box even if EnableInfobox is false.

Use the block to display a specific Marker using a Button event handler.

So there is no way to always have some information shown on screen, like the location name

You can always show the location name of a single Marker if it is mentioned in Title or Description. You cannot show the 'name' of all the Markers simultaneously on the map.


Use a List of Markers with a List of location names; place the location names is a ListView or ListPicker and you can show the name of any location when you select an item in the ListView or ListPicker. There are other potential, awkward ways you might use a CustomMarker to display an different icon for each image.

If you use the Google Map API instead of the Map/MapMarker as you are doing now, you could have the capability of providing a one character label on your Marker mapMarkerID on a Google Map. You cannot do something similar easily with the Map components.

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