Manage multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously


can I manage multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously with the Bluetooth Server or Client component?

You can manage multiple devices yes -simultaneously? depends.

What exactly you need to do with them (send/receive data?) and how often if the processes are to be near simultaneous.

yes, but as far as I know for each connection you need another server and client component


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hello everyone help me for this application making

  • read data from application-
    1.This all are my 10 parameters which are buttons including refresh button .
    infront of them there is a texboxs.
    2.When ever i clicked on the refersh button query send to controller through bluetooth ,and
    after that controller send my 10 values of parameters and i have to update those value in

  • write data from application -
    1 .User supposed to write in texbox some value to set to particular parameter and send to
    controller through bluetooth
    2 .After receiving some response from controller to user , have to change the background
    coloure of the parameters button

    Its is possible in one application?

led_on_off.aia (8.2 KB)
Is my code oky?

Yes, but it's very repetitive. If you store all the Button components in a list, you can set each of their text values with a for loop.

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thanks for ur reply sir,
you can set each of their text values with a for loop.- in mit application received side only i have to chnge this ?
if sir u have any idea or how store values or put in for loop please helped me in this?

On the App Inventor side...

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sir any reference code blocks for this if u have pleased send me!!


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sir from where u taken the set button text of component to ? this label

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Given from what you said in post #5, they seemed like Buttons. It's fine, you can just change the Set Any Button.Text block to Set Any Label.Text.

Sorry for the confusion.

not got the point sir still i am confusing can u please update in that blocks only what ur say


ok got it sir , there is no chnges in this fine ? i have to add whatever u told me in that right?

I've changed what I've mentioned, look a little more closely...

yehha sir but my quation was from where that "set label.text of component to " from where u tooked this meanse from mit app inventor ? which is this label and where it is ?

It's an Any Component block, which allows you to modify the parameters of a variable component.

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ok sir ...i used this in my application ..if i stuck somewhere i pingged the msg thanks for ur help!!

hello sir my another doubt was i received 68 char the form of string (continoues string ) so i have to assign those like as follows
string - is continoues not seprated like -ABCDF....LIKE THIS
gb3a- assign first 6 charachter
gb3e- assign next 6 charachter
offset1a- next 7 char..
ofsfset2a-next 7 char..
offset3a-next 7 char..
offset1e-next 7 char..
offset2e -next 7 char
offset3e-next 7 char .
homeaz-next7 char..
homeel-next 7 char
how i do this ..please help me get out from this problem