Making datepicker change contents

how to make if the date is changed all photos/ contents is blank, but when it returns to that date all contents comes back


you can use the "AfterDataSet" event to trigger the actions you want when the user chooses a date. In your case, reset the components (or hiding them).

Maybe you can share your relevant blocks and give more detail about you want to achieve.

sure here ya go
Calendar.aia (6.5 KB)

Edit: I forgot it aint the latest one, but im still confused with the blocks I've used so I don't see any use of it😅

Your blocks:

The red cross indicates that the component doesn't exist...and what do you want to achieve with the DatePicker?

(very nice look and feel, by the way :+1:)

oh i forgot to delete that blocks but that's no use. What i wanted to achieve is that when i change the date the images & text are blank, but if i returned it to the page with images & text it is still there.

Do you need the data to be there when you close and restart the app? If yes, then you need a tinyDB to stored whatever you want. If there are several data set for each date then you can use the date like Tag, and stored its data like value.

ok thank you, I'll try to do that tomorrow morning and update here with the results or if i need some help