MakeViewUp Extension: beautify & customize android views

For me it works perfectly with VerticalArrangment and not with HorizontalArrangement but it is a quite good solution

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May you explain me how should work .SetImage? What components support it?

You get set picture in image component

Can you show how this is not working in horizontal arrangement for me work in both

Apologize me for the wrong report, it was an error on my side, now it works for both. Anyway I attached the (stupid) test project that works.TestButtonExtensionsR1.aia (22.4 KB)

maybe this is what you want to make TestButtonExtensionsR1.aia (162.9 KB)

for material icons in the button, I have used an extension made by @Ken and modified by @Anke


Yesssss... I did not know the MyFont extension, you understood perfeclty what I meant. In this way I am able to simplify a lot the buttons management, I may reduce to 1/3 the number of image files needed and, other very interesting thing, I can also apply font images to every other object in my UI reducing the i18n problem. Many thanks VSATISH13, I will post the updated test project asap.

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Hello VSATISH13, I would like to understand if I am right or if I am complicating myself... at beginning I thought to use only one MakeViewUp for all components in my (little) UI, then on the same screen I need to have a TextBox with a white background and another with the screen background but seems that I can not change the TextBox backgrounds using their properties. On the other side if I set the background of MakeViewUp it changes the backgrounds of all components linked to it. So, now I am using a MakeViewUp for each set of components having the same background. Is this the right approach or am I missing/misunderstanding something? And may you explain what is the idea behind visibility (visible/invisible/gone)?


It's on your will you can use same to make full application UI or you can use multiple to do so.

You can use set gradient block to set a background color of textbook using same color in list

Visible : component will occupy space and it will be visible in the screen.

Invisible: component will occupy space but it will be invisible in the screen.

Gone: component will not occupy space and I will be invisible in the screen.

Perfect, thanks.


Thaaanks for extension, But please can you clarify how to use ripple on the arrangement. I tried but nothing happened

Padding supports top,left,bottom,right or not?

yes it supports

how? it doesn't seem to work properly for me.

Show your blocks

nothing just top,left,bottom,right that is 9,15,9,15 but it is adding top padding in right and it's kinda confusing I am unable to get how it works.

Ther order is Left,Top,Right,Bottom I believe



no you have to show your image / picture of blocks so we can fix the problem

until then follow what @dora_paz said

You could always have tested the padding settings by yourself and worked it out.....

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Sorry but I am not able to get what are you trying to say.