Make Label to Justify

How to make the label of question become justified ? The label setting was HTML format, but still cannot justifies im also use

<p style="test-align:justify"><p>, but it doesnt works

You can try the LabelPlus extension which offers a justify feature, or use a webview with some html/css to display justified text.

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Text-align sounds more reasonable than test-align to me. Are you sure about that?

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Sorry, i mean text not test

Okay i will try it

Done. Thanks @TIMAI2

I have one problem, i have 5 question from google sheet, in the first question its success to justify, but if im click next (next record on goolge sheet) that label its not justified, but if im check the label is justified, its true

Can you help me again @TIMAI2

You may need to set justify each time you add a different text ?

I was tried that, but still doesnt work

Unfortunately you can't just use text-align: justify, you have to also define the justify method and the Label Component does not support that property.

You can do it via a Web Component.

An example using the WebViewer to display text-justified questions. No internet required.

TextJustify.aia (6.6 KB)

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