Make a mail app with table inside the body

Hi everyone...
First, i already know how to make a mail app with intent, but i dont have any idea how to put a table in the body message, like to put a text to first column from textbox1.text.

Maybe some one can help me with this..

Welcome Logan.

Several possible ways to send a table by email:

Tanks for sugestion..but i dont really like "Copy-Paste" thing..
Maybe another way?anyone pls?


Here is a potential 'another way' Sharing map with a marker - #14 by SteveJG . It talks about sending a map image by email; what is sent could be an image of a Table component and it's contents made within your app instead :astonished:

Please show an image example of what you expect and someone might have a different solution using html markup or \n characters they would share with you.

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