Send formatted table in gmail

Hi folks,

I'm a bit of a newbie. I have a spreedsheet which takes data from my ai2 app, the spreedsheet does various things and creates some tables.

At present I open the sheet, highlight the table, copy using CTL+c, then paste using CTL+v into the body of my Gmail email. I then send.

I would like an ai2 way to copy the formatted range and paste into an email body then send when I press the button send email.

Any one have any simple solution or idea how I can do this simple task?

In this solution, a pdf is created and downloaded to the app:

, i see that solution works but i dont want to have to down load a file, or 3 everyday for a small range where only some data changes.

I can add the range manualy using copy and paste but that seems a bit pointless as i use the app to fill in a line of info, the spreed sheet processes it and the results reported in different tables.
want i want is after pressing submit the email app is launched and the data from
the appropriate table added to the email body,