Major bug - can anyone help?

I am new to appinventor. I got the bee sound app to work. Now I am working on mole mash. I am about 2/3 of the way through that but now a really bad bug has crept in. From a fresh start I can add 1 block, then when I try to add the next one I get an error and no further progress can be made. If I close out and restart the emulator and aistarter it says it cannot find the aistarter so launch it and try again - of course this does not work either. I have to re-boot the entire system to get one new block.

Can anyone help? This is a serious bug

You can code most of your app without the emulator.

If you finished debugging, do a Connect->Reset Connection afterwards to free up memory and not burden the Companion with block by block updates.

What is the error message Tom? A screen capture would be helpful.

The MIT Server has been running slow and glitching recently. That might be your issue. You should not have to re-boot the system to get a new block. This is not a bug. The Mole Mash tutorials work fine. The problem is most certainly related to huge volumes of Internet traffic and overworked MIT servers. You might get an improvement by waiting a while and attempting to code when the server stabilizes. When will that happen? :cry: .. when it happens. This could be exacerbated by issues related to your Internet provider handling large volumes of traffic too.

thanks but reset does not work

OK, I will try but I have been pretty patient with it already. I will try again tomorrow and if I need screen shots I will send them - thanks

Which browser and hardware/software are you using?

Hey SteveJG - well, you were right - it works now - thanks

What I could not do was open any of the files under Screen1 (eg MoleCanvas, MoleSprite) - those produced errors, but since I was able to proceed I am assuming that this is just something that you cannot do at that part of the process

I have not yet tried to load it onto my phone so no doubt there will be more adventures ahead

Hi ABG - I was able to get it running - thanks for your help

What I really want to do is have my FLL team develop a fitness app that requires tracking your location while traversing through a course. I suspect there will be plenty of challenges.

Do you know of a good source for learning "all about" app inventor and for looking up answers to problems?

The magnifying glass search on this board is a good start
There is also a growing tutorial section here.