Mac M1 chip Can't get apk file to add to emulator created through android studio

I have been trying to get the emulator to work so I can use this with students. I have gone through the guides to install Android studio and add an emulator. jWhen I go to drag and drop the .apk file I receive the following message:

I'm not sure what to do next. Please advise so I can create a set up for my students to access this.


Do you have an .apk file ready?

If not, you go into an AI2 Project and use the Build option to save an .apk file to the hard drive of whatever computer you use to access the AI2 web site.

Depending on the emulator, you can either

  • Follow the emulator's dialog to import (upload) an .apk file from wherever you left the .apk file, or
  • Start the emulator, and when it's home screen is visible, go into your computer's file manager and drag the .apk file onto the emulator's home screen.