Low RAM and Crash issues

On the phone that i use for debugging Apps, i have total free Ram of 1.8G, but even if no App is apparently opened, I have high consumption of Ram. Normally, at idle, I have 600-700MB of free Ram (so 1.1G gone for “nothing”!) but when something is opened it goes to 400MB.
To save Ram I had to force some useless apps to stop (because always running and consuming Ram) and I also had to uninstall many Apps (the ones allowing to be removed, because there are so many for me useless, I never use, which are not removable and always running and wasting Ram).
My problem is that my App (consuming about 100MB when fully operating) often crashes or stays frozen every time that the Free Memory goes around 300MB.
I have seen there are some programs emulating Ram using some space on SD, but i don’t think it can be fast like accessing the real Ram, what’s you opinion? Is there a proper way to workaround this problem?

did you follow the general tips? especially 1 and 2?


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to find out more about the crashes, use logcat


i will investigate better, thanks

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