Lost Projects - some help please

Some help please

Two weeks ago had a laptop failure.

Now working again but all access to my many projects has been lost. Yikes!

I see from other postings that it should be possible for you to restore them for me.

Please help and tell me what I need to do



Can't you sign onto your Google account with your new laptop?
AI2 keeps your projects on its servers, as long as you can sign onto whatever account you used before.

Thanks ABG.

The laptop was restored and the google account was changed, as far as I understand it.

Would a password change on the google account affect the recognition of that account

I'm pretty sure AI2 is ignorant of your password.

When you use the AI2 login dialogue it is asking Google to verify the password you supply to Google to insure it is your Google account.

It's up to you to make your peace with Google.

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A plead.

I think that’s where one of my many problems are. I enjoy working through coding semantics to get a project finished and published.

I have difficulty interpreting the technical descriptions and the process of managing email accounts in terms of sync, imap, pop, google, non-Google, Microsoft etc

A message such as ‘your password or sync setting may be wrong’ doesn’t help me. I’m then left to change passwords and try to figure out sync settings, change a few things and end up with same messsge.

I’ve many google (gmail) accounts; I’ve other non-Google accounts.

How do I know which is the correct google account that’ll link me up again for these MIT projects?

You could try one at a time, until you find the one that works?

If none work, then you can contact @Susan_Lane by Private Message on this community, providing her with details of some of your projects (names), list of google account names, she may then be able to track down your account.

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MIT App Inventor provides integrated login with a Google account. This means that when you sign into your Google account, MIT App Inventor can recognize that and link your projects to the Google account email address. It doesn't matter how your email is configured or what your password is so long as you have a Google account email address and have logged into it.

If you have logged into a Google account and now don't see your projects, that means the email address you're using has changed. This could be a different account, or it could be that the email address associated with the account has changed. MIT App Inventor uses the email address to identify you. If the email address associated with the Google account changes, it has no way to know that the user is the same.

The best way to find your projects is to log into each Gmail account and load App Inventor to see if your projects appear. If that doesn't work, send me a private message with the information you have and a description of projects in the account. I will see if I can help. I can transfer from one Google account to another, but I can't find projects if you don't know what account they're in.

Thanks all, very helpful.

I’ll give it a go

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FAO Susan Lane

Have used another google account. Not working.

How do I send you a private message?

Tried to use the @Susan_Lane as advised by TMA12.

Didn’t get anywhere with that. Couldn’t see any link to send you a message.

Am I going bonkers

Click my avatar picture and select "Message" from the menu there.


Thank you both.

Found the ‘message’ menu eventually. Not on computer but by using iPhone.

Confused, yes.

Have just sent private message to Susan.

FAO Susan Lane

Pls confirm or otherwise whether you received my private message to you.


FAO Susan Lane

Susan, many many thanks for your help in finding my ‘lost’ projects.

I commend your patience as you had to walk me through the process and did so clearly and considerately.

This 71 yr old can now continue coding to (hoped for) success.

Thanks again