Login/Signup Platform works correctly on the emulator and on AI companion, but not on my mobile

No, do not upload an aab file, this would not be of any help. An aia project might be useful for debugging, if someone has the time.

If you are on Screen1, why are you trying to open Screen 1?

In your inner if/else statement, you try to open Screen 1 regardless of the condition ?

Are you handling switching screens correctly ? (why use real screens at all for this, we have advised the use of virtual screens previously)

I did this by following the steps from a video tutorial

Herewith a simple example

tinydbreglog.aia (4.8 KB)

Awww, you are a treasure.
It looks very good.
I'll look into it to learn it.
I would like to use this to enter a calendar list - todo list.
I will have to find a way to do it so that if there is a second registered user, he cannot see the other's list.
I have no idea how to do it...
But this is a very good lesson how to use virtual screens

How did you make it have these 3 slots?
I've tried through the gear icon and it keeps throwing me out with its line sequence of and

Thank you very much for the help

After registration and login are working properly when I press the +New Task
A completely white screen appears.
I've tried various things but can't seem to get them to show the immediately below on another screen- Arrangement

Are you setting Visible property to "NewTaskPage" arrangement to true? Can you show your relevant blocks?

I made some changes and this problem was fixed, but I see that after registering I log in, I pass the tasks, but when I restart the mobile, it does not keep the already registered account and I have to register again.
Is there a way to keep the recordings even after restarting the mobile?

If you are storing the data in tinyDB it will remain stored even after restarting the phone.

I store them there but it doesn't hold them

I store them there but it doesn't hold them
I have to register again!

How are you storing and recovering the data? can you share your blocks or the aia?

paradeigma.aia (21.7 KB)

Here it is

UserCreds for registration and userCreds for login....

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Can you please show it with pictures?

you are using different tags:

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I'm sorry I don't understand