Login Server can't be reached

AI2 Server still down...when it will open again???

We are not seeing any issues on our end. Do you have a specific error message indicating there is a problem?

whenever i am trying to go to the server,,, It shows this...

Where are you located? It's possible a school, corporate, or government entity is blocking your ability to access the login server. The login system is a separate server from the build servers, which is what is being discussed in this thread, so consider making a new thread.

I moved this into a new thread

I am from Bangladesh.
I figured out the solution to the problem. After many attempts now I am able to log in.

But one thing I am surprised and it is not clear to me I am able to access the server with my mobile data but not able to access the server with our building wifi connection,even i have tried it from my friend's laptop or pc. How is that possible? Is there any problem with wifi connection in our building as you mean.