AppInventor Build Servers Currently Down [SHOULD BE RESOLVED]

Did you read this?

please solve as soon as possible the works have stopped do to problem :cry:

I'm looking into it.

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All should be well again. This outage is my fault (sort of). I put in place a new load balancer. The previous version just did "round robin" allocation of jobs to buildservers, often resulting in an uneven load on the buildservers. This required us to deploy a lot more buildservers then we really need.

The new load balancer is aware of how many jobs are on each buildserver, so evenly distributes the load. So, at the moment I have only 12 buildservers running, where before I had 21 (and I can go back to 21 if the actual load requires it).

Today's outage appears to be triggered not so much by the new load balancer, but by an old Linux kernel bug that it tripped over. I'm looking into how to avoid the problem.


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Will the test servers be started up again too ?

Unfortunately, the error reappeared

So, the bug wasn't in the kernel, but with another module I was using. I have installed a mitigation, which hopefully will solve the problem.

ai2-test's buildservers are still not available, that is a seperate issue, which I am addressing. Also, ai2-test is now behind ai2, so I'm going to update it today, when done, it will have everything from ai2, plus the latest changes that we have merged into our source tree.

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Btw. ai2-test is a TEST server and shouldn't be relied upon in general...

Thank you for your hard work at MIT in trying to keep all the buildservers running smoothly.

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I am getting this error message for the last 30 minutes for my project which was built successfully before that:

"An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?"

When I click on OK button then i is moving to....

Ooops! We tripped on a Bug!

Technical Data to be Submitted:
notes = Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
foundIn = nb190b
faultData = Error parsing JSON: SyntaxError: Unexpected token 'B', "Build serv"... is not valid JSON
projectId = 5286827620433920

Please solve this error as early as possible.

Project that are bigger then 1mb have this issue..

Sigh, I never learn. The mitigation I put in place added a project size limit. I can fix it. Give me a sec...


OK, the fix is in, large(r) projects should build again.


Thank you very much for understanding my problem and faster response.

ai2-test has been updated and has buildservers again.

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