Login issue or error

it doesn't save the number and it saves only for once if we register another account or close the application it doesn't log in again with that number and password soo kindly tell

login screen

register screen

Hello Salman

In both cases, "TextBox1.NumbersOnly" is used, which is an option setting, not a value store. The value store is "TextBox1.Text".

If you want TextBox1 to use numbers only, either set that in the Screen Initialization Block or in the Designer Properties Palette.

kindly tell me the right blocks for this

it store every thing for once when we register another user it forgets first one

@ChrisWard is saying that you have to use
component_set_get (1)
instead of
component_set_get (2)

i have used it also nut the condition is same it forgets the first user

it should remember first user when second user is register

Hi Salman, make sure you replace all instances of .NumbersOnly with .Text in your Blocks above.

The Second User data overwrites the 1st User data in your code as you use the same TinyDb Tags each time. Will there really be more than one User of the Same Phone?

If So, I suggest, on registering a User, The User's name is used for the Tags. For example:



...... and so on.

kindly tell by blocks i am not getting i tried soo many different things

Show us what you just tried Salman.

Right - what you have not tried is my suggestion :upside_down_face:

Also, you cannot do this:

Screen1 already exists, so this Block will open another extra Screen1. Instead, use this Block:


..... the User will be automatically returned to Screen1 (Assuming Screen1 opened the current Screen).

Let's see if we can fix your Registration and Login Blocks.
Can you show me a screenshot of your GUI for them?

this is register page

login page

Since you have a number-password setup, Users cannot sign-in with Google.

When there are several Users (i.e. more than one User), on registration, the App needs a way to check that the number/password is not already in use.

When there are several Users (i.e. more than one User), on login, the App needs a way to test for number and password out of all numbers and passwords stored.

Note also that a determined hacker can find and open TinyDb. If you are concerned about security, the passwords could be encrypted - but that adds complexity to the code that I think you might struggle with.

So - I'm just going to put together some Blocks to get you going for now. :robot:

You know, your Login and Register Screens could be just the one Screen, the Inputs are the same.

no i dont know about that