Login issue or error

So, a rough and ready example. Tested and Working (but ugly GUI)

LoginIssue.aia (8.3 KB)

Screen 1

Screen Registration

you have check the application you send it also not working it register the user but in login page it does accept the register user soo kindly check it the error is coming the number is not correct

I have tested it here, working well, registered 3 Users, all 3 can login, non-users rejected.

Are you testing via the Companion Salman?

...If the login is not being accepted, which notifier message pops up? Could it be that your input was inaccurate?

There is also the rare possibility that TinyDb has some form of corruption. So you could temporarily add a TinyDb ClearAll Block to the Screen 1 Initialize Block. That completely deletes the contents of TinyDb.


EDIT: Sorry, not good to put TinyDb Clear All in Screen Initialize because it will clear the New registration on return to Screen1 :upside_down_face:

So instead, a temporary button is required.

A possible cause of TinyDb failure/corruption is the Screens switching too fast - switching before 100% of the data is saved. The project attached has been modified with the addition of a Timer to prevent that issue. It also has a temporary button to clear TinyDb on StartUp so that you know your test is verbatim.

LoginIssue_Edit1.aia (9.6 KB)

oky let me check

kindly explain me the function clear button and for what purpose we using it

Hi Salman

I have explained in my previous posts. It's a temporary button that will delete all the contents of TinyDb so that you can test verbatim - i.e., test knowing that there is nothing wrong with TinyDb. dancing

okyy thaxx alot man

if i want to use firebase instead of tinydb
secondly, tell where the storege of the register goes and where tingdb store in and storage came from where

Hi Salman

Using Firebase would require your App to access the Internet. That would be of interest if you have multiple Users each using their own phone and there is data to be stored for the purposes of sharing between Users. There can be costs involved.

TinyDb is stored in the App's private folder.(App Private Directory aka Assets Directory). No other App can "see" that directory, nor can it be seen if connected to a PC.

However, note that there are no storage solutions that could never be hacked by determined criminals.

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