Listview1 - selection does not respond

Can anyone help?
I will move the list obtained via php SELECT from tbl in MySQL to Listview1.

If I click on any line in Listview1, it does not respond.... (SelectionColor should AfterPicking, Enable buttons should change...etc). None of that will happen.


Hi, the list shows correctly in listview?
Post the code you are using for after picking too

Probably responseCode is different from 200, which is why the blocks shown do not execute.

The letter is displayed correctly. Only after clicking, the row is not selected...

The list is displayed correctly.

Can you post a simple project here showing this problem? With any sample list.

After thinking about it, I can answer that any change to the properties of the ListView such as colors, font, etc., resets the entire ListView. You can't change the appearance of a ListView without creating the entire ListView from scratch.

You can try this:

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But you need to change colour selection or simply set it in settings in design editor?

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way either...
In gTxtCelaDB after SELECT in the response there is:

In ListView1 there is:
2; bbbbbbb
3; ccccccc

I just need to change the color of the selected line ... and then activate the buttons ...

Not sure if this is what you need:

Thanks… I'm going to study it….

Are you trying to say that the After Picking event isn't fired at all?

Set ListView.SelectionColor out of the AfterPicking can set it before picking.

I have the same behavior if set the SelectionColor inside the AfterPicking block, but it works if I set it out of the block (I don't know if it's a bug or not, but it's a bit strange behavior).

As I mentioned earlier, after changing any properties, the ListView is reset, and therefore the display of the selected item is also reset. You can get around this by reselecting the item programmatically.

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Thanks Patrik...I hadn't understood I do. It works.

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I've already tried about everything with AfterPicking in ListView1... It won't work for me. Is there any other alternative than ListView1 to display the list?


Which ListView extension can be used instead of ListView1 ?


Or you could build one using dynamic components: