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i need help with this. i have this task tittle page and i want the task to appear in my listview. it does appear but how can i edit the task and its details?


i tried to work with the blocks but stuck at the edit task part. i want it to be when i tap on the edit button, i will be able to go back to the addlistpage and edit the details and the updated task will show up in the tasklistpage.

this is my blocks

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  1. Select the item to edit from the listview, you have now value and index
  2. populate the textbox with the value
  3. change the value
  4. replace the list element with the new value
  5. refresh the listview with the modified list

i have two textboxes for task tittle and task description, a time picker and a date picker. how do i do that?

You are storing only the title in tinydb

You can store lists inside other lists, if you can think of them as rows in a table and keep the names right.

Some people store dictionaries.

can you give an example?

Your goal is not clear.
What you want show in the listview ?
What you want store in tinydb?

where did the call Elements ContactName block came from? i couldnt find it

i want to show the list of task i insert then when i select the task i would be able to edit the task details

It's a value procedure call.

The value procedure is defined in that same post, further down.
See chapter 21 of App Inventor 2 Book: Create Your Own Android Apps

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