Listview column Alignment

Good Evening all!

I have code built that pulls high scores from a google sheet, and I now have a page that pulls individual games and then displays the scores and the date as 2 columns, and that looks pretty good. The second page (the one with the issue) has 3 columns (Game, Score, Date) and the data does not really column up at all, because the names are alphabetized and not the same length. I am using Main Text Detail Text, with the Scores and Dates sharibg the detail text line- joined.

Here's My Question: Is there a way to get main text and detail text to create a firm column line?

You can use multiple listviews that scroll together,

Listview3Cols.aia (3.0 KB)

or use Tableviewer extension to build your own listview

You could also customize a nest of Horizontal and Vertical Arrangements for a window into your table, and add your own scroll bar:

Another alternative is to clip your parallel ListView Elements to do a fake scroll: