List View problem (since nb187 update)

After update de 28 / 08 list after picking did not work.
When you click it doesn't open the new page, it just freezes.
It also does not change size.
what can i do to make it work again?
can you help me?

The latest App Inventor release upgraded the ListView . Have you looked at the new documentation?

Only if you share your Blocks, otherwise, we have no idea as to what your problem could be.

With the exception of the Filter, the new control seems to work fine. The Filter no longer works; and it is being fixed.

List View After Pikcing did not work .
This happened after up date a 28

The blokcs in List View after pikcing did not work.

The ListView after picking works on Android 8.1. What version of Android are you using?
What do your Blocks look like?

Show us your project. We will be able to test on it.

I use android 9[quote="Svetan_Nesh, post:1, topic:40694, full:true"]

Hello everybody..

I developed a simple dictionary app based on a Google spreadsheet.
Recently, while working on the design of the app, the app started crashing each time I enter a letter into the "Search list" text box. The problem occurs in both AI Companion and the fully compiled app on my smartphone.

What might be the matter with it?

Many thanks in advance.

The ListViewer is partially broken when they upgraded the tool last week. MIT are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. The biggest issue seems to be a problem with the Filter feature.

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Thank you so much for this information!
I will patiently wait until the issue is fixed.

This should be fixed in the companion available on

I imported my AIA file from normal server and tried compiling and building my APK in test server but the problem did not go away. :frowning_face:

Should I design app again in test server for it to work properly?


What is test server?; it's a place where new bug fixes and features are being tested. It may be unstable for that reason.

There was a problem in building my APP on the test server.
The APK was not created and by mistake I was testing my old app.
(Since I had not changed the name). :man_facepalming:

After building the APK again on test server and installing the app properly I see the issue is fixed.


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