Lispicker Elements From String and Selection boxes

Folks, can anyone give me an example of how to use LISTPICKER's Elements from string and Selection boxes? Are they correlated? Thanks a lot and have a blessed day everyone!

Try the third entry in

thank you so much ABG, let me take a look at it. Enjoy the rest of your day!

ABG, here's another question for you: is there any possible way to make the listpicker scrolling stay at where an element from the list was clicked before it took users to a URL? Right now the scroller goes to the top of the list when users return from a url back to the list. I've already asked that and was told to use the listview instead but my app is way too big to just start redoing it. I'm just curious if you think there still might be a chance to program the scroller in listpicker. Thank You!

You have had an answer to your question already. I believe what you want is not possible with a listpicker, but there are other options/components/extensions you could use that will do what you want.

Yes Tim, I remember, but still wanted to double check, sorry for being annoying and stubborn. Could you please refer me to those options and extensions to use WITH listpicker? Is there a specific list? I checked quite a few AI extensions and didn't see a single one that would help me to adjust the listpicker scroller

I did not say they would work WITH a listpicker. I am not aware of any option that modifies the listpicker behaviour (someone else may know of one). The easiest native approach is to put a listview inside an arrangement, then work with the visibility of that arrangement and other components

Tim, how about elementsfromstring and selection boxes in design section? Do they do anything with blocks or not? For example: the scrolling of the screen is adjusted in the design section without any blocks involved.

sorry, I meant to ask if those two boxes do anything without blocks?

Tim, just to let you know that I wasn't able to find any tutorial which would be focused on correlation of entered data in those two boxes(elementsfromstring and selection) and how listpicker performs after data has been entered in the above mentioned boxes. Those are key elements but in most video tutorials they are always empty.

Tim, on a final note, something has to be done about scrolling on list pickers. May be you guys, the moving force of AI, could sit down and come up with an ultimate solution to make the scrolling programmable by default(just like the screen scrolling) OR create a little block that would make list picker scrolling stop in the middle of the list until it moved up by touching the screen. List picker is a much better functionality option than list view. it is a lot easier to incorporate into an app, it doesn't require too many blocks to accompany it, and the overall performance that list picker shows in an already published app is very smooth. Also, HUGE THANKS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM FOR ADDING AAB DOWNLOAD OPTION TO AI. Thanks to this amazing addition the update of the app on Google Play goes quick and hassle free.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks again for helping me so many times!

maybe this extension can help you:

Kevinun, thanks a lot, I'm gonna have to try it. I'll let you know
Have a wonderful day!