Labels, Buttons, ListView items, TitleBar etc. no longer render emoji code

Since about Sept. 2023 Labels, Buttons, ListView items, TitleBar etc. no longer accept emoji code.
It seems nb195 or nb194 broke the ability.

Emoji like Son Flour :sunflower:, Grey Mouse :rat: no longer display properly. instead, it displays like Son Flour colon sunflower colon (where colon is : )

Not possible to display emoji like this


Flag emojis still work:



Thanks but not even your flag works here :cry: using either Chrome or Firefox with Samsung A13 Android 13. and Companion 2.69u in emulator or the cell.

Like so: 🇦🇶


nope show some blocks or provide an aia perhaps

Fact of the matter; these emoji used to work fairly recently Chat app message style - #20 by SteveJG (as an older example)
and no longer works.


I would ask the same as it makes it easier to investigate bugs rather than reading through years old many post long threads...

Did emojis inserted this way :wolf: really ever work on Android?
It works in an internet browser :wolf:, but I don't think it would work in android views.