Label with Multiple Colors

I am trying to set a label's text to show multiple colors. The end result desired is something like:
1d20 (##), 1d20 (##) --> (##)

The bold ## would be the color green while everything else would be black. After looking over the different coding options and trying to figure it out, I am simply not sure how to do it without creating an additional label. Perhaps I just need to make a separate hidden label that I add to the text string?

Here is the code:


Does this help ?

Thank you TIMAI2. I am trying to your your example as a solution. So far I am having difficulty and have not yet figured it out. However, I am working on it and will post results as soon as I get it figured out.

If anyone else has a more simple solution I am open to it!


From puravidaapps

I used the "New formatting possibilities with the Label" and I think that's going to work! I am still working on the blocks so that it all functions the way I want to but that's it! Thank you so much!

Now I need to learn a bit about HTML Format so that I can get things just right.

This will be the most simple solution for me. Once I have all my code figured out I will post a reply of what it looks like.
Thank you,

Okay. For anyone out there who wants their label to have some color in it, I found (thanks to the help on this forum) that the easiest way to do it is with these formatting possibilities with the Label. Thank you TIMAI2 for suggesting this option.

Here are some snippets of my code:


If you pay attention to just the label portion,

you can see that I am able to have the label text show as normal but part of it will be a different color.

Side note: coding is so much dang fun. What makes it really great is being able to hop on these forums when you encounter an issue you can't solve and finding someone who will nudge you in the right direction.

Good luck everyone.

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