La Apk no se termina de completar y se para en el 100%

He creado mi APP que tiene menos de 30 MB y cuando se está cargando el "Barcode" se me para en el 100% durante horas y pasadas bastantes horas me sale error. Mi APP está dentro del límite de MB y aún así no me deja crear la apk

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Yes, I had the same experience and unfortunately had to remove a few more files from the assets before the compilation could complete successfully.

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So I just have to remove some elements and blocks and then is it going to download correctly?

Yes, remove some files from the assets and try again. (No need to remove blocks.) There are two options:

  1. Download the missing files at the first start of the app
  2. Add these files after compilation and use "codesign". See also here.

The allowed app size (aia) may also depend on what type of files are in the assets. So for example, are the files compressed/compressible or not.

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See also here: App size limit help - #4 by Anke

Refers to Kodular:

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See the article on how to load files at run time by Taifun.

So the App Engine environment that runs has some very strict requirements about HTTP transfers. We've set a cap at 30 MB since the App Engine request size is limited to 32 MB, but it sounds like there might be some additional overhead that we haven't correctly accounted for that is still causing issues.

We are in the process of upgrading to Java 11, which should relax some of these restrictions on the App Engine side. In the meantime, you can try, which has a 50 MB build limit.

Hmm, for building iOS apps (IPAs)?

My apologies. I didn't register that this was in the iOS thread. However, the 30 MB limit applies to the iOS test server since it also runs out of App Engine.

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