iOS beta testing / Player.Completed even is not triggered

I did my second little test. This time with the Player component.
The Player.Completed event is not triggered.

This is my workaround:

But there is also something good to report: → PlayerMusic.Loop plays seamlessly!
Even with MP3s. (If this will also work with the compiled app → ipa)?
That didn't work - at least not when I built my app with Xode / Swift. After my many tests, I ultimately had to use the IMA4 format (this is only slightly compressed).
I did some more experimenting and I'm happy to report that the "looping glitch" bug present with AAC/CAF compressed files using AVAudioPlayer is NOT present when using IMA4/CAF compressed files.

Will the same aia size limit also apply to iOS apps?


If so, it would be a shame because I always store my media / files in the app package (assets).

I'm not sure, but I think that there is no possibility, like with Android (AI2, Kodular, ...), to decompile the ipa and insert the (large) files there afterwards.

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For the time being, yes. The limits are based on the AIA size as it is sent to the buildserver. We have more flexibility on because we control the tech stack versus

If you have access to a Mac, you can do this. Like an APK, an IPA is a zip file. Once you've added the new assets you would need the codesign utility, which is part of Xcode, to update the signature before loading it on your iOS device or submitting it to Apple.


Thank you for this hint. I'll try it.

"Player.Completed event is not triggered."
Will the issue with the Player.Completed event be resolved? Or do I have to live with my workaround?

Ok, but are there any predictions when a compiled version of the app (IPA) will be available?

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I've now reported the bug here: iOS Beta Testing

Thanks. I had already filed it on our internal issue tracker. Hopefully we can have a fix out for the next release.


@Anke Do you have a test project you can share with the team here to replicate your issue with Player.Completed?

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Of course, sent via PM.