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One of my apps allows users to share messages in a non-supported font and includes an integrated keyboard consisting of 46 buttons. When this keyboard is shown, the device keyboard is hidden. In the beginning, everything worked smoothly, but for a while now the app becomes very slow or even crashes as soon as the integrated keyboard is opened. This is quite annoying for many users as well as for myself. Could it have something to do with the number of buttons? What alternatives are there to a keyboard consisting of buttons?

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Probably you can find hints and suggestions here ?

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This sounds more like a code problem.

Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.


I have not had this problem in my sample app


Perhaps this happens because of some feature you added recently. Do you have an aia for an earlier version of the app? If you do, compile it and see if it 'works' better than the existing copy of your app.

I have a keyboard based on a Table of buttons; works real fast.


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Unfortunately, I no longer have an aia of a version that worked perfectly. However, I remember that the problem first occurred either after I had integrated the "Admob Mediation" extension from the developer JEWEL, which I later removed, or after the switch to Android 13. I should add that the app is equipped with numerous extensions, of which I don't know whether they work properly with Android 13. I should also mention that the keyboard buttons are each provided with images, but these have very small file sizes. I have attached a current aia for testing here.
Suetterlin_copy.aia (5.5 MB)

but you added the admobil extension by oseamya :cry: I think this free extension is outdated and probably why your app is 's l o w'

Your project Blocks do not load using the main ai server. I expect there are a lot. How many Blocks are in your Project?

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Oseamya's extension works very well and does not cause any problems, not even in my other apps. As already described, the problem only occurs when the „Show Keyboard" button is pressed.

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I notice you are not taking advantage of the newer more powerful text replace using dictionary block, for example in this procedure:

Also, you beat up on TinyDB tags '1', '2', '3' a lot.

You might get better performance using local variables for those.

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That is also an important tip. Many thanks for that. No doubt I still make a lot of mistakes. However, that doesn't explain why the app was working without any problems before. Could it perhaps be that since the switch to Android 13, when the keyboard buttons are displayed, all processes associated with these buttons are also called into memory at the same time?