Kens vertical scrollbar

I am searching for a scrollable listview with at vertical slider. I found an extension as mentioned in the beginning. However it does not have the desired effect. It has no effect. Is something wrong with the block.

Set this


to something other than 0....

Hmmm, just tested, only thing that seems to work is always on

Things must have changed since the extension was written. Unlikely that @Ken will fix.....

how do you say allways on. It must be a number right?

As you have done, with true

It is possibly the version of Android, Ken's extension probably not up-to-date.

You could use a webview component with an HTML list instead.

Try Yash's extension, that all works. To get the scrollbar always on, set the fade time to a very large number (e.g. a day in milliseconds 84600000, or @Ken used integer.MAX_VALUE, which is 2147483647)

Do you have a link for the Yash extension with scroll bar?

It is in your other topic about this

I only see kens and a kodular one of someone called balajdev.

That's the one

Can i use a kodular extension? Is the extension in another place as i cannot download on kodular?

Yes, I have tested it works fine on AI2

You will need to be signed in to the Kodular community to be able to download extensions / other files

I have downloaded the extension. However the information is limited. I need a vertical slider for my listviews here "Find apoteker m medicin 30 km". I have made this block, but i dont understand the way it is supposed to work.

Here are some example blocks


I cant make it work on the listview. It sends an error message with wrong type and i suspect it is not compatible with the listview.

It only works for vertical and horizontal scroll arrangements!

ok then that is the reason.

Here is a blocks-only way to use a Canvas as a scroll bar:

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