It tells me the app has a bug

Ok, what's about your FirebaseURL?

This is the properties

Did you check it again?

You mean copy paste?

Thanks i copied and pasted the FirebaseUrl and it opened.

Fine, so you problem is solved?

And again: Where does this image / screenshot come from.
If it is really from your Galaxy then post a full screenshot in Portrait mode.

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How if the problem is solved

Import your posted aia again (rename it to yoki_coins_gainer2.aia beforehand)

The circles blocks are illogical.

They should be math '+' or '-' blocks, not comparison blocks.

Also, in your name checking screen, you should do a CLOSE SCREEN instead of opening Screen1 again and filling up memory at run time.


This is wrong:


It should be your project url

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Yes, that's why I said several times:

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