Issue opening an .apk project


I am having an issue with my project. Yesterday I finished a prototype of an app, I downloaded the .apk to my computer and shared it with my client using Whatsapp (more specifically, the web version).
Today, I found that a comma was missing from a Spinner. I added that comma, downloaded the .apk to my computer and shared it, however, for whatever reason, this new .apk just won’t open at all. Not in my device, nor in my client’s.

I thought it could a problem with my Android system, since it decided to update a couple of hours ago, so I tried to install the .apk by other methods:
First, I tried by scanning the QR Code and was successfull. Afterwards, I download the .apk and sent it to my phone using bluetooth. It installed successefully as well.

My only issue is when sharing it. Does anyone know what could be the problem?


How do you share it?
You could try to upload it to your Google Drive and send the download link...


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