Is there some way to run a python script in AI2?

Hi all. Today I have a difficult question.

I want to import a fork of youtube-dl in my app.

There is a youtube-dl android port. Which basically is a wrapper for youtube-dl. Unfortunately I have no idea how to implement it.

Does anyone have something to help me move towards my goal?

Thank you,
TSF Anonwins

This might help:

Yeah in my case I don't know java or python, lol. Thanks anyways.

One more question: is there some way to interrupt a web component request? Let's say there's a file downloading, and I just want to cancel. Do I have to wait until the download has finished? Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no method to stop it, but you can handle what to do with it in the GotFile event (e.g. save/delete)

please note however:

Did you see the skulpt link?

I did, but for now I think I'll implement another approach. Thank you :slight_smile:

Would you happen to know if there is filesystem access in skulpt? Would the script be able to download a file for example? Thanks :smiley:

just wanted to know are you using some 3rd party module/library in your program

right now no, only some extensions. no libraries, why?

i am asking in the python code ,

because as far as i know you cant use 3rd party modules in skulpt

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