Extension using Python

I know only Python and only very little C++. Can I create an extension using any of the languages? (Especially Python).
Thanks in Advance!

Unless you have a Python to Java tool.
That translates Python into Java.

You can use python following this tutorial


Well, you can not mack an extension using written in python or c++ because the main language used in writing extension code is java and also android supports java code.

Kotlin is also supported by android but currently, you can not mack extension in Kotlin language.

Very soon it will be possible.
@shreyash has done a related PR in github.

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I don't think such a tool even exists because these two languages are different and it cannot be automated. Still we have to do it manually only..

well i found something interesting take a look here - https://www.jython.org/

It's an library to run Java in Python or the reverse. Moreover, you would need a code in either Java or Python to run it.


This actually means that I do have to learn Java to make an extension of our own,right?
I found about Jython but it is about running Python in Java Platform...But will it work and convert my code to java for Ant Apache to work??

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Is this library ready?

It was ready 2 years ago only.