Is there any way to view error messages before the companion crashes?

I have an app that causes crashes on certain platforms, including the iOS and Android companion apps. Most errors are shown to me, but for some reason this time the app just crashes without any messaging. I have isolated the block that I think the error is coming from (On screen "Home" in the initialize event with a comment stating "Crash Happens Here."), but cannot figure out what is wrong with that code so that I can fix it. I have attached my aia file for reference.
Self_Journey_Map.aia (79.3 KB)

Which Android platform are you using for your tests?

The stock AI2 emulator?

I have found it underpowered for advanced features like dictionaries.

I tried making a sample using the MemuPlay emulator, and experienced no crash.

P.S. Your TinyDb scheme could be simplified using NameSpaces, one per Journey attribute (start date, end date, length, etc.)
All those replicated procedures would be eliminated.

You don't have enough complexity to warrant multiple Screens. Consider merging them into multiple Vertical Arrangements in just one Screen, only one visible at a time.

My tests have been mostly on iOS 15, but I have attempted to use a common android emulator (Bluestacks) with the AI2 companion app. When I download as APK and run it that way (using the same emulator) I don't experience the same crash. I'm not sure if that's what you meant about the android platform.

I will take your advice here and simplify the app. Maybe that will help me see my problem.