Is there any way for the Speech Recognizer to listen longer?

I want to have the speech recognizer wait until I say either "yes" or "no". However, if I do not say anything for more than a couple of seconds, it says "Try Again" because it didn't recognize any voice.

There is a easy way, first have this code

Now if you start the speech recognizer then it will listen until you use the

For the result don't use the default result variable but use the new global_speech_recognizer_result

This is how google's underdeveloped tool works and there is no way around it. Speech recognizer can't listen all the time, I suspect for "security" reasons. Because google is like a dog with a bone, they follow us, eavesdrop, sell our data and won't let anyone else do it.

It is true that the popup will not disappear, but there will be a message to repeat.

Have you tried the tutorial HOW TO: Program the native SpeechRecognizer for Continuous Dictation and to do things. If you tried the tutorial app, did you experiment with it? The Speech Recognizer is an amazing free tool but it cannot perform miracles. None the less, the SR works nicely for most applications.

There are other options. See the community discussions with respect to the Speech Recognizer. There you should find directions to an extension or another technique that might work the same or better.

What have you tried that does not work the way you would like?