Is there a problem with the translation component? (on ios)

I was testing my app with Yandex Translator, it was working fine earlier. But today when I am testing it, I am getting the following error. Is there any problem with the server today? or is the translator not working on my phone?

The Yandex website is working OK and there is no warning on the site about api problems. So, could be a recent change you have made in your App code, or something has changed in App Inventor nb187b, the current release.

Hi ChrisWard, the Yandex website is working fine. I am able to test it on an Android phone but there is a problem with the iPhone and iPad. Can anyone please suggested me a solution for this.

Hindi translates using an Android but not on ios? Is that correct?

No translation is working on ios. On Android everything is working fine now.

it should:

You mean to say it should work fine on ios too?

Unfortunately, there is a bug in the 2.60 version on iOS where the YandexTranslate component fails. You should be able to work around this for the time being by specifying your own API Key from Yandex.

Please find the video, while testing on ios device. It says API key missing

Yes, it happened to me before. You will have to purchase an API key.

I am testing the beta version of the companion but the test time is up because no new beta versions have been released for a while (and I no longer have access to the beta version), can I still get the next beta when it is available?

By the way I thought it would be nice to note that in the next version of MacOS (MacOS Monterey) it will be possible to test applications (including iOS applications on Macs with Apple Silicon) using TestFlight on Mac😊