Will the translation component not work on Emulator?

I tried translating English to Hindi language using Yandex Translator. But I am unable to translate it into Hindi language.

Is this related to previous post ?

No, the translation is working but only its not translating in Hindi

Yandex translates fine on an Android 8.1 tablet. The emulator that is used with App Inventor does not have a font capable of reproducing the Hindi script. :cry: so you cannot use the emulator for Hindi.


On a tablet:


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Thanks a lot. I was talking about the voice translation.
Please check the video attached.

The video is not helpful. It does not explain what you are trying to do. You need to expose your Blocks.

A guess is you may be trying to use the TextToSpeech and Yandex to get your app on the emulator to speak Hindi. That is impossible on the emulator. The emulator TTS engine that ships with the Android platform and App Inventor supports a number of languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish but not Hindi. Yandex supports Hindi ( hi language code).

Hindi might be possible on an Android device; I don't know. You need to try.

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