Is it possible to see images from the spreadsheet google?

and before you ask:

You can use Taifun's Image extension to resize an image before displaying in a webviewer

I reduced it to 400 pixels but the image has little detail you cannot read the numbers and letters (image1)

Taifun extension
it's too hard for me sorry!

Can you give me an example with your project

Thanks even if you don't, you have already helped a lot Hello

You will need to use a larger image size for images like that, there is only so much you can wish for....

I reduced it to 400 pixels as you told me, before the image was like this:

Sorry how can I use webviewer with resize extension Taiufun?
ThanksResize.aia (894.0 KB) webviewer.aia (1.2 MB)

Sorry, that is an over-complicated solution....

  1. Download the image and save to Application Specific Directory (ASD)
    1.5 resize the image with the extension if you want to (but you can do this in 2. with html)
  2. Have a suitable html file with an img tag to show the image in the ASD
  3. Show the html file in the webviewer

If you have complex images with text and "graphics" you are better off just displaying as I have indicated above in previous posts and scroll/resize in the webviewer window.

You can save the image to file and load into an html file to achieve much the same thing.

There may be other ways.....

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Same idea but it contains huge letters which takes lots of time to load

I have made you a Canvas Image Viewer which should do what you want.

CanvasImageViewerFinal.aia (8.3 KB)
Possible issues with this version see here:


  1. Load an Image from the list (works with images on sdcard as well as google drive files)
  2. Some javascript in the html page gets the aspect ratio of the image
  3. Sets the image to an imagesprite on the canvas
  4. You can move the image around (drag on image)
  5. Resize the image using the slider

note: I couldn't get the canvas any bigger than 1792 x 1792 without the app crashing. Tested on Android 10/11

Here hopefully a version that will work on most phones, canvas sized to 1280x1280, just means you cannot enlarge as much as you may like.
CanvasImageViewer1280.aia (8.5 KB)

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Great work Tim - above and beyond. :sunglasses:

Sorry TIM but I can't try your AIA file because it crashes both from Companion and from installed on the Smarphone, I don't understand why

Try reducing the size of the canvas to 1000px height and width

But in the first block at the top "imgList" do I have to link my images to the Drive or can I use your images to test?

Please use my images

I can not try because from the computer in Al Companion after reading the QR with the Smartphone it crashes and therefore I can not try it

I tried several times but nothing ...


You are using App Inventor version nb186 online via either Google Chrome or FireFox?

Try reducing the canvas size to 300x300. it seems this may be causing the problem?
(this will reduce the main feature of the app, but should get it working....)