Is it possible to see images from the spreadsheet google?

No in the sheet you see it is from the app that I do not see it

This is odd, it is not working for me either now. Sometimes the image will show on startup, but then disappears. I see that others have the same issue.

If you need to view the image on the sheet, maybe you need to use your previous method, but you will need the cell with the url in order to see the image in your app.

Hmmmm, try again, my image is back now, perhaps a temporary google issue now fixed

From the spreadsheet in c3 I see the image but from the app I still don't see it when I select images3

Would it work better if the image was converted to Base64?

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I will prepare a small example for you...

Please try out this project:
GoogleDriveImages.aia (5.1 KB)

from this spreadsheet:

Please note the formulas I have used in Columns C & D, to work with the orginal url of the images

You should be getting back pictures of a house and a cat.

If you intend to have many images, or a dynamic number of images, the Display All approach of one label and one image component is not the best method, you could use a custom listviewer or dynamic components.

Also, I do not recommend you using the Table Arrangement, it has bugs that may prevent display of buttons, images and text. Use the vertical and horizontal arrangements to create your layout.

Thanks friend, now I'm going to do some tests with your project!
Thanks :pregare:

It works but it is very slow to open the image! Is this just my problem?


Is it possible to enlarge the image from the mobile phone screen with 2 fingers to better see the image details?

You can do this if you use an extension, or view the image in a webviewer

You're a great tomorrow I try, now I'm going to sleep a bit, then I'll have to ask you for some more help :slight_smile: Thanks

Tim I would like to ask you for some advice perhaps impossible :)!

Could you take a picture from the app and put it in the cat's place?

See here:

Upload Image to Google Drive using Camera Image

But are you a computer programmer?

Sorry but I don't know how to link to the images in the spreadsheet can you give me an example with webviewer? :joy:

Please explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve. I do not understand what you mean?

In the GoogleDriveImages project you made as an example, from the Smartphone I cannot enlarge the Speadsheet images, you told me to use the webviewer component instead of image but I can't, can you give me a small example?

Here the image dimensions are much bigger than the screen. If you set your image width (height if portrait) to less than 400, the image should appear centred.

From the video I see that the image does not start centered with the display but you have to look for it at the bottom, is it possible to start it centered?