Is it possible to Move a clickable image to another location on click

Hello, I’m working on a card game. I have five cards displayed as the players hands. I have an area up top (image) that the player will put the card. Is it possible for the player to click the card (clickable image) and it replace the image on the other image up top? If so can someone give me a little direction on how to do it?



This might help ?

Also a simple demo project
moveImage.aia (14.3 KB)

This app uses a similar mechanism:

I don't know if you mean drag (move) or click, it's this example with click.


Cartas.aia (758.3 KB)

You can use the Kio4_move extension.
Get it here.

Use the Kio4_move1.SetComponent(layout component, int x, int y) method.

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@TIMAI2 the click and moved worked perfectly for me. Thank you

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Hi sir! May ask a question? Badly needed to finish my project sir I am currently creating a mobile app entitled sound game. It's a matching type of game. My problem is when I click the cards and when the animals matches it should be sound as the picture that matches. But when i click the reset button the pictures of the animals shuffle but the sound remains. Like for example when you click the cat and it matches it sound a cat but when i click reset and click the dog its still sounded a cat. Please help me.

you already have at least 2 topics with same issue.
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