Is it possible to make a phone interface from something like MIT App Inventor and put it on an old Samsung phone, completely deleting the Android software?

I want to take something like an old S7 edge and create almost like an interface through MIT App Inventor. Step By Step, how would I go about doing this?

And it dosent even have to delete the Android software, I would just like to program my own interface. Is there a way to do it with google, glail, youtube etc still accessable?

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All apps will be accesible. You can make your own interface, but, you are telling that you completely want to remove Android, if you remove it, there is no way even a single app and your interface can work.

You have to root your phone and paste it in startup folder

:warning: Do this at your own risk

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How would I go about pasting it in the startup folder? What would happen afterwards, and how would I even create an interface?

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start off by unchecking the StatusBarVisible oprion in screen1 and unchecking the titleVisible

You have to root your phone first, there are multiple tutorials on the net

You should do it on your own risk. Your phone should automatically start the interface

So, you basically want to create your own Operating System?

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This wouldn't be "creat[ing] your own operating system". The operating system is a completely separate entity from user space. Linux is the operating system underpinning Android (at least for now), and replacing the UI for the user is completely independent from writing a brand new OS kernel to replace Linux.

On some phones it is possible to specify an alternative launcher than the one that comes on the device from the manufacturer. In theory, an App Inventor app could serve this purpose. I believe there is additional metadata that needs to be added to the app manifest to allow this as an option, and you'll need a phone that allows it. If you can meet these two requirements then I expect is is entirely feasible.

Edit: Here's a blog post that talks about it for apps generally built with Android Studio. You will need to adapt the approach for App Inventor and will likely need a combination of extensions and a manifest editing tool to make it happen.



Maybe this extension can help you make your own launcher

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Im fairly new, been doing this off and on for about a year, how would i go about coding this?

Follow the first steps