Is it possible to make a function on appinventor which detects the nearest restaurants or anything else?

Can't understand how to show the nearest places in appinventor. I need help immediately

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See here

I think you need a list of point locations that interest you. Then you compare your location with this list and display the points that are not far away.

The simplest way to find the nearest restaurants is to use the ActivityStarter to search as shown in the following link Is there any way to implement Place Types in App Inventor?

Does this work for you?

Another example using a LocationSensor with the ActivityStarter

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@SteveJG i am not sure but this is not the thing he asked

If you type restaurant near me in the TextBox in the ActivityStarter example that shows a TextBox, the ActivityStarter will provide a map and a Listing of restaurants near him. Sagnik can type pet shops or hospitals and it will display them too.

these are showing results in google maps am i right

yes, it displays in Google map. If he has a List of the restaurants and their locations, he can use the example dora posted. :slight_smile:

I think Sagnik can decide what he means?

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okay got your point

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@SteveJG i want to ask some of my doubts in pm can i ask

I am very glad to answer questions in the community. :slight_smile:
If you have a question, start a new topic.

I do not provide assistance using PMs, sorry.

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I ended up using location sensor and webviewer LOL

but location sensor works very slow

hello Sagnik are your app work? I have something similar to create homework project, i try to add the places i need, but when i enter long.latit. it take me to my current location. any suggestion. thank you

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