Is it possible to access AI2 data from a website?

my new question of the day is : is it possible to access/create/read AI2 data from a website ?

The (yet theoretical) situation is as follow : I create exercises for my users (patients), I can use several time the same exercice's structure only changing the words or pictures used. See it as the quiz structure.
I hate to type on the phone, and especially I hate to type on my patients phones. So I would like to type words or load pictures on my computer e.g. on a dedicated website, then update the patient's app to load the new words, so the patient can make the same exercise as last week but with different words/pictures.

I think I could use google spreadsheet to type the words but ... :

  • it doesn't work for pictures (right ?)
  • it is not very user friendly (e.g. if my colleagues start to use this same app with their patients)

Any idea for me ?
thank you :slight_smile:

Using google sheets (words) combined with google drive (images) is certainly one way you can do what you want.

See here for some ideas:

Indeed I thought about Google drive, spreadsheet etc - as already said, it's not very userfriendly (if I'm not the user)
Is there a way to build a nice and userfriendly webinterface or webapp with AI2 for the computer ?

This part goes beyond AI2 and this forum.

But I think that on another forum you could find information on how to write a PC app that could put data in a google sheet, from which an android app would download data.

thanks for the idea, I even didn't think I could do that (looking on another forum) :upside_down_face:
now I know that AI2 won't do that for me (and I am not sure I will look further, it was just a theoretical question for the moment ... I have enough to learn with AI2 without searching outside of AI2)
Have a nice day everyone here :smiley:

In ai2 you could create an app just for putting data into a sheet, but it's still typing on the phone and not on the pc.
There are also google forms that can be used to insert data into a spreadsheet.

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