Is it possible add an image in listpicker list?

I want add in a listpicker for each row an image and a text that comes from a "list" of text separated by commas

Is it possible? and is there some example around?

You can use ListView with images or an extension such as [Free] Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView - ClassicExtensions - Community . To imitate listpicker use a button and an arrangenent(visible set to false). When button click set ListView or arrangemnet to true

thanks! you are "on fire"

is there an aia file or youtube video to do something like this?

  • Single text element with icon:
    The sub-list with two item will be proceed as a Single text element with icon.
    The first item is the icon path, when the second one is the text here.

it separate img from text with || caracthers? i saw in blocks of make list.. i'll read all now

and can i use a link instead of the path of image file?

where is the button add extension? can't find in my account

See how

yes i read it! but in my account i cant find "import extension"

ok! found it! it's visible only from screen1

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It should be visible on all the screens you create

i retrieve my data via a sql query via php script a list and i put it in a label "lblResult.text"

data is in this format: urlimg - data1 - data 2

i split the data in this way

i want that if there is more than 1 product all of them go in a listview where img.text is the image and the other 2 text are the text to show in listview! As in the example shown on collin tree listview exanple!

do i have to store them in a tinydb or can i use them on the fly as variables with a foreach ?

something like: