The website to apk made though app inventor blocks the call function

Help me solve the error!

I was testing out the website to app conversion with a website -->

When we open the website in a browser and click on Groups --> Phone icon the browser allows us to make a call in the phone.

But when I convert the website into an apk and do the same process and try to make a call I get the error:

Webpage not available. net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

Try this extension, might help

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I don't have much idea about MIT App Inventor and I am not sure how to use the extension :grimacing:, could you please guide me a little.

To install an extension, go to the extension category on the Palette and press import extension. In the pop-up window , press choose file if you want to upload from your computer or choose URL if you have a url from a website and finally press import. Once imported , drag and drop the extension in the Viewer, to be able to use it. When you go to the block editor you can see that your extension is also there and you can use its blocks like you would do with all other components.

Hi @Kao Welcome
Also see this:


@dora_paz I followed the steps that you mentioned but still the phone call is not going through the app, I must have missed some part. All the components on the blocks also look so overwhelming..

There's a call icon on the group's tab in -->
In the website it works fine, it lets me make a call right through the website.

It is still giving me the error when I try it in-app.

If possible could you try it out and check whether the action is possible in-app or not. I am sure I am missing out something.

Use this blocks when screen initialize and it will work


@dora_paz Thanks so much it worked finally!!!

If you could suggest some resources to get started with the app inventor that would be really helpful to me.

Thanks again.



Thanks a lot !

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Tell me exactly what your problem is so I can help you

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