iOS build server updated to 2.64.6 (rev 3)

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How frequently do you typically update the iOS build server, and what factors influence the decision to apply updates?

It all depends on the volume and importance of the errors detected and reported by all of us. @ewpatton is the responsible for the AI2 development team and he can respond better.

I've pushed a small update to the server that should improve access times for various web resources in built apps as well as fixing the issue where the project level iOS Settings were not being correctly propagated to the Info.plist file.

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The iOS build server has been updated to 2.64.6 revision 6 with the following changes:

  • Make speech recognizer sensitive to user locale
  • Fix an error code in LocationSensor
  • Make clock methods sensitive to user locale
  • Make WebViewer fill parent when set to automatic width/height
  • Fix Delete method in Web component from sending non-capitalized HTTP verb that could cause issues with some servers
  • Provisioning profiles will now have their certificates and dates checked by the App Inventor server before a build starts in order to save time in the case they've expired


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I had tested the items 1, 2, 3 and 4 and now all are running well.